However you heard about this site, I'm glad you made it.

I want to share an offer that may be of interest to you.

My love of being of service and teaching have recently merged with being  a master storyteller, coach and facilitator.  I've discovered a method for uncovering what a human being is uniquely designed to offer the world.



An intense and comprehensive exercise finding the corners of the puzzle of your life: your Master Teachers, the story of YOU, and the unique gifts you offer.  The end result is a miraculous realization of what you were designed to do and share with the world. 

Join me for TO-STORY-FORTH™️ and we will:
1. Discover the ingredients that created you
2. Reveal the recipe used to make you
3. Learn the Master Teachers who built you
4. Cement the unique gifts you have to offer
5. Realize the ways to share them with the world

Interested? Curious? Ready? 

Fill out the form: HERE
Email to: boisethomas@gmail.com
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Instagram: @boise.thomas  

There are currently two ways TO-

1. The Group Experience (limit 6 persons in four 90min group video sessions and a 90min 1:1 video session)

2. One on One (a 4 hour live or video session)

As your Guide, I look forward to hearing from you.  

Willingly yours,

Boise Thomas

Transformational Guide & Counselor

Monthly packages are also available for those of you who would like to work ongoingly. 


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