"Boise is an empathic, telepathic master storyteller. The madness of his methods and manual revealed all the answers within me.  We developed my program, system/mental models and the confidence to deliver to my clients.  While everyone could benefit from his work, I strongly recommend it for teachers, salespeople, entrepreneurs or anyone who works in front of others for a living.  Invaluable."

-CK Lin 





-Eric Elder

I feel warm and fuzzy. A sense of relief. I feel like I can trust myself because I know who I am.
-Ashley Stauffer

"Boise helped us navigate consciously through a very difficult time. We decided to let our relationship (as we knew it) end and he showed up in our lives at that exact moment bringing a message of unconditional love. His love and holding space is shown through even in that painful time. He helped us navigate the murky transition with tenderness and explore ways of not controlling the other but leaving them with the most love. We hoped we could work things out but just weren’t sure how to. He showed us another way.


We ended up getting back together, I feel, in big part due to his guidance. And things have been so good between us ever since. We are now getting married in a few months!!


We know that if Boise wasn’t there at that time (like an Angel), we wouldn’t have handled things as well with each other.


It’s very rare to meet someone like Boise whose sensitive enough to appreciate a woman’s perspective and masculine enough to appreciate a man’s perspective. He really cares and you feel it. He’s a very wise teacher and illuminator of truth. He helped us see things we didn’t notice before that suddenly became blindingly obvious. That’s so important because we couldn’t change what we weren’t aware of. I don’t know how we can thank him enough."  


- Leah & Paul

I have gotten the truth of who I am. I have gotten full nights of sleep, devoid of a panicked lurch into wakefulness because of self-doubt or worry about my life’s path. I have gotten confidence in my life choices, once again. I have gotten a better me.

-Charles Carpenter

"Beautiful insights, genius wisdom, and big love.  My personal surrender project isn't as scary.
Thank you."
-Michelle Fetveit

"Via Boise's method, I can now see "IT" everywhere in my life... and stopped asking  "Who am I to teach what I've learned?"  

Why NOT me?"


-Rod Mose

"His empathy and listening provided the peace and clarity to navigate the difficult process of transitioning out of a 20yr relationship.
The shift was everything and my former partner is actually showing up differently as a result of what I have changed in myself. "
-Mikki Michaelson
This course reminded me how powerful I am
-Latifha Wyatt
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